How to Increase Your Local Organic Traffic

If you’d like to increase your local organic traffic, there are several strategies you can use. The first one is to optimize your website for local searches. This can be done in several ways, but it’s vital to focus on two aspects of your website: the content and the on-page SEO. Both of these aspects play a critical role in your local SEO strategy. Listed below are some tips for optimizing your website for local search:

Tracking social engagement: Social engagement, also known as’social signals’, is another key ranking factor for local SEO. Social signals (such as links from your website to other sites) also contribute to your page’s overall ranking in organic searches. Whether this means a link on Reddit or liking a photo of food you ordered at a restaurant, these actions indicate the popularity of your website and business name within your niche.

Increased visibility – Local SEO is crucial for local businesses. Half of Google searches are local, and 92 percent of all clicks are on the first page of the SERPs. If you’re a restaurant in New York, you want to be easily found by people looking for a New York restaurant. This type of local SEO strategy uses keywords, proximity, and other elements to boost your visibility in Google’s three-pack.

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