Waterproof Rugs For Pets

When it comes to choosing a rug, you have to be sure to pick a pet-friendly waterproof one. Not all rugs are pet-friendly, so you might have to buy an extra one if you’re planning to bring your pets inside. If you want to protect your rugs and floors from accidents, multi-colored rugs are the way to go. They can hide your pet’s accidents, while off-white rugs can show up stains easily. A rug pad is also recommended, so accidents won’t spill directly on the floor.

Another reason to invest in a rug with a waterproof layer is to prevent pet accidents. While you’re cleaning your house, you don’t want to ruin your carpet with your pet’s accidents. Fortunately, waterproof rugs for pets come with non-skid backings so they can be wiped clean easily. The good news is that these rugs are also easy to clean and maintain, which means you can enjoy your new area rug without having to worry about stains.

The Safavieh wool area rug with a cotton backing is a lovely statement piece for your home. This rug’s pile height is low enough to slide under furniture and still be plush. It has a Moroccan-inspired geometric design and is available in nine colors. This rug is made to last. You can clean it yourself, though you may need to contact a professional if there are any tough stains.

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